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Intelligent Coring System

CoreAll's patented Intelligent Coring System ICS® is a modular, fully instrumented core drilling assembly. The system features high performance electrical connections, power generation, data processing and storage, and two-way data communication to surface. 

Logging While Coring

The Logging While Coring LWC® module provides essential real-time logging information of the core as it enters the core barrel, enabling drillers and geologists to optimize the coring process by evaluating the core in real-time. Current data sets include Gamma Ray, resistivity, temperature, vibrations, inclination, and inner barrel stall detection.

codril bit v2.JPG

The CoDril module allows the operator to switch between coring mode and drilling mode in real time.  If core is not required from a particular interval, the tool can be set to full diameter drilling to avoid filling up the core barrel. Trips to change between coring and drilling equipment can thus be reduced or eliminated.

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