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About Us

CoreAll is Norwegian technology company developing the next generation core drilling solutions.

Core drilling, i.e. extracting continuous rock samples from the subsurface, is a central part of petroleum exploration drilling, providing essential information about the rock properties and the reservoir potential. This information is later used to determine drainage strategies and field development plans.


Although core drilling has been around for many decades, some challenges still remain. These include a lack of real-time information about the subsurface; time lag between drilling of the geological formations and downhole logging of their properties; and time-consuming round trips to change between core drilling and conventional drilling equipment. CoreAll's Intelligent Coring System addresses these shortcomings.

Our Core Team


Per Erik Berger



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Anna Radovanovic
Operations Manager

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Arne Mätzel


Engineering Manager

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Tony Smith_edited_edited_edited_edited.j

Tony Smith


U.S. Business Rep.

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