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In MinerAll, we are transforming CoreAll’s game changing core drilling technology for conducting efficient and environmentally friendly deep sea mineral exploration.

Similar to CoreAll’s Intelligent Coring System, MinerAll technology includes real-time coring process control with true formation evaluation data and the ability to core and drill with the same bottom hole assembly.

As CoreAll’s sensor technology is designed to measure oil and gas, MinerAll’s sensors will be developed for identification of various valuable deep-sea minerals.

For upcoming deep sea mineral exploration activity, CoreAll’s Intelligent Coring System is available today. A further development with new sensors for deep-sea minerals is ongoing.



The CoreAll system will help optimizing the coring process through real-time Logging While Coring and save trips by drilling and coring with the CoDril™ downhole convertible drill bit.



The MinerAll environmentally friendly production concept is to drill the subsurface sediments with large, directionally drilled wellbores from a single location, and re-inject less valuable cuttings.

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